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Jossverse Still Icontest

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You've seen them, the other 'stills' communities. Well, kinda the same idea here, only this is all Joss. No single show, no single character, all of them. Why? Because Joss is God? (not quite!) Because we love them all. They all have something unique to offer, just like you.

- always put icon(s) in the comment of the cap post
- please include a link to the icon, as well as the icon itself in the comment
- please do not post your icon(s) anywhere else until winners are announced.

Simple? Yeah, thought so. ;P

adam baldwin, adam busch, alan tudyk, alexa davalos, alexis denisof, alyson hannigan, amanda, amber benson, amy acker, andrew wells, andy hallett, angel, angelus, anne, anthony stewart head, anya jenkins, anyanka, armin shimmerman, ats, badger, ben is glory, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, caleb, chao-ahn, chaos demon, charisma carpenter, charles gunn, cheese man, chiwetel ejiofor, christian kane, clare kramer, clem, connor, cordelia chase, d'hoffryn, daniel dae kim, daniel holtz, danny strong, darla, david boreanaz, david krumholtz, dawn summers, doyle, drusilla, elisabeth rohm, eliza dushku, emma caulfield, ethan rayne, faith, firefly, fred, gavin park, gina torres, glenn quinn, glory, groo, gwen raiden, halfrek, hands of blue, harmony kendall, holden webster, holland manners, illyria, inara serra, j august richards, james marsters, jasmine, jayne cobb, jenny calendar, jewel staite, jonathan levinson, joss whedon, joyce summers, julie benz, juliet landau, justine cooper, kate lockley, kaylee frye, kendra, kennedy, knox, larry, lee mercer, lilah morgan, lindsey mcdonald, linwood murrow, lorne, malcom reynolds, marc blucas, marcus hamilton, mayor wilkins, mercedes mcnab, merl, michelle trachtenberg, morena baccarin, mr trick, mr universe, nandi, nathan fillion, nicholas brendon, nina ash, niska, numfar, olaf, olivia, oz, parker abrams, phantom dennis, principal snyder, puppet angel, riley finn, river tam, robia lamorte, robin wood, ron glass, rona, rupert giles, saffron, sahjhan, sarah michelle gellar, sean maher, serenity, seth green, shepherd book, simon tam, skip, spike, stephanie romanov, summer glau, sunnydale, tara maclay, the beast, the master, the operative, tom lenk, ubervamps, vampire slayers, vampires, vi, vincent kartheiser, warren meers, wash, wesley wyndam-pryce, willow rosenberg, willy the snitch, winifred burkle, wolfram and hart, xander harris, zoe washburne